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Has your child been diagnosed with Autism, Asperger syndrome, Autism Spectrum Disorder or PDD? Do you feel lost, overwhelmed and don’t know where to start? Tired of feeling you haven’t done enough for your child, and all that controversy over vaccines?
If you’re like us, and just want your child to be healthy, happy and their own personal best, welcome to the home of the Un-Prescription!

About Our Book

Free sample chapter About my book… I am so excited to tell you that my book, The Un-Prescription for Autism, has been out since March of 2016! (The Kindle version was out even earlier – March 1st!)  It is published by AMACOM Books in New York, and has lots of endorsements from healthcare professionals.  It’s available Read More

Our Blog

Guest Blog by Joely Colmer

My name is Joely Colmer and I am a multi Award winning Autism Activist. I have a rare and unique gift that hinders me with many hidden hardships but also walks hand in hand with the very things I love most about myself. You see, my disability is my gift. My gift is Asperger’s Syndrome; Read More

“Bless You!” A Simple Immune Protocol

Children always seems to catch a lot of colds when they go back to school in August every year, with lots of teachers and classmates coughing and sniffling.  Is your child getting sick a lot, too?  Got the pharmacy on speed-dial? Start now and get your child’s immune system ready for the “back to school” Read More

Tips for a Good Night’s Sleep

One of the most exhausting aspects of raising a child with autism can be the sleep deprivation.  Unless your child is one of the minority that sleeps through the night, I’m singing your song! First, let’s look at why so many children with autism have such poor sleep patterns.  (About three out of four of Read More

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